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May 1928
Founder Tomikichi Kontani established Teikoku Cutter Seisakusho in Osaka.
Started manufacturing milling cutters.
September 1933
Reorganized into a joint-stock company and established Nippon Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with its head office in Osaka.
October 1939
Absorbed the domestic tool research institute.
June 1940
Acquired all business operations of Aichi Precision Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
July 1954
Received permission to display Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS B4220) from the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
February 1959
Started over-the-counter trading after being designated as a stock approved for over-the-counter trading by the Osaka Securities Association.
February 1961
Concluded a business alliance with Hitachi Metals, Ltd. for the purpose of mutual prosperity.
September 1961
Listed on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
March 1962
Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September 1962
Increased capital by 120 million yen, resulting in capital of 320 million yen.
November 1968
Capital increased to 360 million yen with a capital increase of 40 million yen.
November 1973
Established Nichiwa Shoji Co., Ltd.
January 1981
Increased capital by 160 million yen to 660 million yen.
December 1981
Became a subsidiary of Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
April 1983
Established EC TOOL GmbH (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in West Germany.
November 1983
Established Moka Factory (Tochigi Prefecture) and started operation.
October 1987
Merged with Hitachi Choukou Co., Ltd. (capital: 600 million yen), resulting in a capital of 1,260 million yen.
At the same time, the trade name was changed to Hitachi Tool Co., Ltd., and the head office was moved to Koto-ku, Tokyo.
December 1989
Issued the 1st collateralized convertible bonds of 3,500 million yen.
April 1993
Established Sun Tool Tech Co., Ltd., Chubu Nichiwa Shoji Co., Ltd., and Kyushu Sun Tool Co., Ltd.
November 1993
Established Yasu Factory (Shiga Prefecture) and started operations.
October 1994
Established Osaka Sun Tool Co., Ltd.
December 1994
Moved Moka factory (Tochigi prefecture) to Yasu factory (Shiga prefecture).


August 1996
With the completion of the third phase of construction at the Yasu Factory, End Mill manufacturing was consolidated and the Osaka Factory was renamed BC Center.
October 1997
Drill manufacturer Uozu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Capital: 203 million yen, Uozu Factory), Yoneda Tools Co., Ltd. (Capital: 50 million yen), and Kyushu Yoneda Co., Ltd. (Capital: 20 million yen, Nakatsu Factory) Merged three companies and increased capital to 1,455 million yen.
October 1999
Nichiwa Shoji Co., Ltd. merged Chubu Nichiwa Shoji Co., Ltd., Osaka Sun Tool Co., Ltd., and Kyushu Sun Tool Co., Ltd.
September 2000
Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Stock Exchange.
September 2000
Nichiwa Shoji Co., Ltd. merged Sun Tool Tech Co., Ltd. and changed its trade name to Tool Tech Co., Ltd.


August 2002
BC Center (Osaka City) is consolidated and relocated to Yasu Factory.
Drill manufacturing was consolidated at the Uozu Factory (Toyama Prefecture), and the name of the Nakatsu Factory (Oita Prefecture) was changed to Nakatsu T Center.
February 2005
Established overseas consolidated subsidiary Hitachi Cutlery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China.
January 2008
Merger with Tool Tech Co., Ltd.
March 2009
Established Fundamental Technology Research Center and Matsue Surface Modification Center (Shimane Prefecture).
Nakatsu T Center (Oita Prefecture) is consolidated and relocated to the Narita Factory (Chiba Prefecture).
July 2009
The Uozu Factory (Toyama Prefecture) was consolidated and moved to the Yasu Factory (Shiga Prefecture).
Headquarters moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo.


November 2012
Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Delisted from Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange.
April 2015
Became a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and changed its name to Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.
May 2017
Established new brand "MOLDINO".
April 2020
Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and changed its name to MOLDINO Tool Engineering, Ltd.
October 2020
Uozu Factory (Toyama Prefecture) resumed operations.



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