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Under the corporate philosophy of "For People, Society and the Earth," the Mitsubishi Materials Group conducts business activities that earn the trust of its stakeholders and fulfills its social responsibilities.
The Mitsubishi Materials Group will further promote proactive measures for sustainability. We will also strive for sustainable growth as a corporate group through the realization of our vision.

Basic Sustainability Policy

1.Improvement of the work environment with the highest priority on safety and health

We give top priority to safety and health, and strive to improve the working environment by preventing occupational accidents, ensuring occupational health, managing employee health, and managing risks related to natural disasters and global infectious diseases.


2. Respect for human rights

We consider respect for human rights to be the foundation of our business activities, and respect the principles of internationally proclaimed human rights.


3. Promotion of diversity and inclusion

We recognize and respect diverse individuality, and actively promote diversity and inclusion as a source of sustainable growth for the Group by creating new value.


4.Coexistence and co-prosperity with stakeholders

We strive for mutual understanding and coexistence and co-prosperity through active communication with stakeholders, including shareholders/investors, employees, customers, business partners, international society, and local communities.


5. Strengthening governance and thorough compliance and risk management

In addition to strengthening governance, we will work to further strengthen compliance and risk management in order to ensure thorough legal compliance and prevent scandals, which are essential conditions for promoting corporate activities.


6. Fair and Appropriate Transactions and Responsible Procurement

We will conduct fair and appropriate transactions with all business partners. We will work together with our business partners to procure raw materials and minerals in a responsible manner.


7. Stable provision of safe, secure, and high-value-added products

Through thorough quality control and innovation, we develop and stably provide high-value-added products, services, and solutions that society can use safely and securely.


8. Active efforts to protect the global environment

We recognize the importance of environmental conservation, and promote resource recycling and decarbonization in all business activities, including raw material procurement, material and product development, production, distribution, consumption, disposal, and recycling. We will actively work on biodiversity conservation and conservation of biodiversity.

(Established December 1, 2021)



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