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Mitsubishi Materials Group Corporate Philosophy

For people, society and the earth

We have a desire to deliver.
The materials and products we create and deliver are
The solution we offer is
all our activities
And our own existence benefits people, society and the earth.
That is our thought embedded in our corporate philosophy.


It's "what we want to be".
design a cycle


"Our mission".

Realize a sustainable society (rich society, recycling society, decarbonized society)

Our vision

Our corporate philosophy is “for people, society and the earth”, our vision is to “design a cycle”, and our mission is to “realize a sustainable society”. It's one sentence.
Designing circulation and realizing a sustainable society for people, society and the earth


"It's what we care about."

Respect for Diverse Individuality and Teamwork

By recognizing each other's diverse personalities and working hard together, we revitalize the team and create innovation.

Honest, swift and bold action

Act with a sense of urgency and the will to face difficulties while adhering to sincerity.

Insatiable challenge to meet the needs of customers and society

We will continue to gather our strengths and continue to take on challenges in order to identify the materials that customers and society need and provide them with excellent quality and reasonable prices.

code of conduct

"Rules we must follow".

Chapter 1 [Respect for Human Rights]
We respect the human rights of all people

  1. 1We will contribute to the creation of a free and equal society.

  2. 1We will eliminate discrimination and respect the dignity of each individual.

  3. 1We do not tolerate child and any other forms of forced labor.

  4. 1We will create a pleasant and comfortable work environment.

  5. 1We will strive to achieve and maintain work-life balance.

  6. 1We will not engage in any form of harassment, including sexual harassment, power harassment, maternity harassment, and harassment related to childcare and family care leave.

  7. 1We will build and maintain good labor relations on the basis of sincere dialogue and mutual trust.

Chapter 2 [Safety Priority]
We prioritize safety and health above all else

  1. 2We will continue to make maximum efforts to prevent occupational accidents and to ensure health and safety of employees.

  2. 2We will strive to prevent accidents, including fire, explosion and spill, and mitigate risks presented by natural disasters.

  3. 2We will provide products, services, and solutions that give society peace of mind.

Chapter 3 [Compliance with Laws]
We will comply with laws and regulations and conduct fair and honest corporate activities in accordance with social decency.

  1. 3We will conduct our business with integrity in compliance with all company rules and standards.

  2. 3We will comply with competition-related laws and regulations, such as the Antimonopoly Act, and engage in fair and free competition.

  3. 3We will comply with all applicable competition laws and regulations, and ensure free and fair competition.

  4. 3We will carry out appropriate and moderate advertising and marketing activities.

  5. 3We will not use our superior bargaining position to impose unfair conditions on our business partners.

  6. 3We will properly carry out import/export procedures and trade control for products and technologies, and comply with import/export laws and regulations.

  7. 3We will provide information in a timely manner as well as protect intellectual property rights, personal information and customer data.

  8. 3We will take utmost care in handling inside information and comply with all related laws and regulations.

  9. 3We do not infringe on third party intellectual property rights or misuse information with property value.

  10. 3We will offer and/or receive gifts and entertainment in a responsible manner and will not gain any form of improper advantages for business.

  11. 3We will make charitable donations as determined by management, based on careful examination of its social nature, public need and impact.

  12. 3We will co-operate with governments in a fair and responsible manner to facilitate development of proposed legislation which may affect business interests. Any political donations will comply with the law.

  13. 3We do not tolerate any financial dealings and/or any arrangements with groups that make illegal demands and unreasonable demands of the company.

  14. 3If we are in breach of any law, regulation or social norm, we will quickly implement corrective actions.

  15. 3We will construct and implement a sound corporate governance system.

Chapter 4 [Coexistence and co-prosperity]
As a member of the international community, we will contribute to each region and strive for coexistence and co-prosperity with society.

  1. 4We will work to build and maintain good relations with local communities where our business has an impact.

  2. 4We will respect the religion, culture, custom, language and values of local communities where our business has an impact.

  3. 4We will actively engage in exchanges and dialogue with everyone in the local community, and strive to gain mutual recognition and understanding of our business activities.

  4. 4We will actively participate in social contribution activities such as culture, education, and welfare.

Chapter 5 [Environmental Conservation]
We will strive to protect the environment, decarbonize, effectively use resources, and recycle them.

  1. 5We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and continuously work to prevent environmental pollution.

  2. 5We will work on the development, design and production of environmentally friendly materials and products.

  3. 5We will work on saving resources, saving energy, reducing waste, and reusing and recycling used products.

  4. 5To prevent global warming, we will work on business activities aimed at decarbonization.

  5. 5We will work on the effective use and conservation of water resources.

  6. 5We will be more considerate of biodiversity and work to live in harmony with nature.



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