Radius End Mill for Hardened Steel

Epoch Deep Radius Evolution Hard-TH3 EPDREH-TH3

4-flute version added to TH3 Radius End Mill!!
Lineup ranges from φ0.2 to φ1 for 2-flute version
and φ1 to φ6 for 4-flute version

  • Corner radius precision guaranteed for high-accuracy milling
  • Tool design optimized for high-accuracy milling
  • TH3 coating for milling hardened steel

Features & Applications

The corner radius uses the tool centerline as its datum independent of the tool diameter. This allows high-accuracy milling compared to conventional tools, even when using nominal diameters. A positive cutting edge profile is adopted for the bottom cutting edge. Thus, improved milled surface quality for hardened steel is achiveved. The tools combine carbide base material designed for hardened steel machining with the TH3 coating, offering improved wear resistance and allowing longer machining usage over conventional tools!
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