High Feed Radius Mill

1.Pocket Stability

Superior pocket stability enables higher feed rate.

2.Insert Options

Insert Options - 2 geometries & 3 insert grades cover various applications.

3.Cutter body assortment

Line up includes:
  • Inch and metric shell mill coupling
  • Without and with insert clamps where extreme rigidity needed based on the application.
  • Multiple pitch options plus variable pitch to reduce vibration.


  1. Max feed per tooth: fz = .079”/tooth (2.0mm/tooth)
    It is necessary to adjust the feed rate according to machining situation
  2. For best milling performance, recommend max cutting depth ap=.047 (1.2mm)
  3. Number of corners: 4 corners (single-side)
    Economical multi-corner
  4. Strong points of single sided inserts compared to double-sided inserts
    1) Large chip pocket for chip evacuation
    2) Optimized rake angle reduces chip jamming
    3) Higher clamping security than a 2 sided insert.
    4) All corners can be fully used up
    5) Large ramping angle

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