The RV Series of Indexable End Mills are designed for the high-speed, high-performance milling of stainless steels. The patentpending rotation-prevention mechanism on the round insets allows for the secure indexing of the inserts. Two stainless steel specific insert coatings are available: JM4160 for wet milling and GX2160 for dry milling.


1.Line of breakers and coating materials suitable for difficult-to-cut materials

Three types of breakers are available for cutting stainless steel materials, titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys, and aluminum alloys.
A8 Type
Easy cutting breaker
B8 Type
Strong-flute-tip breaker
C8 Type
Insert cross
Grade JM4160 - Stainless Steels materials (Wet Cutting)
GX2160 - Stainless Steels materials (Dry Cutting)
JS1025 Titanium alloys (finishing) Titanium alloys,
nickel-based alloys.
SD5010 Aluminum Alloy - -

2.Rotation-prevention mechanism to secure inserts (Patent pending)

  1. Secure insert indexing is achieved with rotation-prevention mechanisms in two locations.
  2. Improved attaching enables reliable error prevention.

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