MOLDINO's ASF Face Mills achieve a level of performance that was previously unattainable. The special radius cutting edge allows for extraordinary metal removal rates and dramatically lower roughing times.
The chart on the right demonstrates the difference between conventional face mills and the new ASF. In most cases we are able to increase the feed (fz) up to five times without the need to increase the cutting speed (Vc) thus stabilizing or even increasing tool life.


1.Unique Radius Cutting Edge

The shape of the special insert creates an advantage over round and traditional radius type inserts. The combination of the unique insert and large pockets that assist with chip evacuation allow the ASF Series Face Mills to achieve depths of cut of up to 3mm (0.118"). The inserts also feature four usable cutting edges, therefore increasing the cost efficiency of every insert.

2.Field Data

Extraordinary feed rates of up to 3.5mm (0.138") per tooth in steel and 4.0mm (0.158") per tooth in cast iron are achievable. In addition, metal removal rates of 1000cm3 (61 in3) to 2000cm3 (122 in3) are possible. This example demonstrates the increased productivity of a 250mm (9.84") ASF Face Mill compared to a conventional radius cutter in stainless steel.

  • Workpiece: AlSI304 Stainless Steel

3.Stable Performance Even in Interrupted Cuts

The highly rigid design of the ASF Face Mills and inserts provide exceptional performance even in interrupted cuts.
In the example below, stable machining of 30HRC prehardened mold steel populated with 8.0mm holes is achieved.

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