Radius End Mill for High-Precision Finishing.
Additional lineup of helical cutting edge inserts which offer both cutting edge strength and cutting performance.


Mounting runout accuracy of 0.02mm (.0008”) or less

・Unique clamp mechanism complete with a high-accuracy body and mounting screw allows inserts to be attached firmly with high accuracy.

R accuracy of insert is ±0.01mm (.0004”) or less

・SG and SW types with a helical cutting edge use the tool axis center as a reference for the radius accuracy.

Blade diameter tolerance for inserts is 0 to -0.02mm (.0008")

Sharp cutting edge allows for smooth surface finishes.

・SG and SW types with helical cutting edges reduce vibrations and enable smooth cutting performance.

New coating material for longer tool life.

・Multi-layer coating provides long life.
  • TH308: Excellent for high-speed, high-performance machining of hardened steel or pre-hardened steel.
  • PN215: Reduces material sticking to coating to achieve good machining surfaces when machining carbon, alloy, and stainless steels.
※For details regarding cutting performance, see p.18 and 19.

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