1.Strong Double Clamping System

With traditional single clamping systems, there can be trouble with inserts moving or screws loosening, especially during heavy milling. The IAR/AR Series features an easy-to-use but strong double clamping system that prevents inserts from moving.
Strong Double Clamping System

2.Direct Milling

Direct Milling is possible by applying ramp milling, therefore eliminating the need for pre-drilling a pilot hole. Consequently, fewer tools are required and cycle times are reduced.
Direct Milling Conventional Milling
Direct Milling Direct Milling Direct Milling Conventional Milling

3.Ramping, Helical Milling, Feeding Towards the Z-Axis

Due to the design of the cutting edge, there are restrictions to the ramp angle (θ) and the cutting depth (g).

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