The AHU High Feed Ultra Series Indexable Tools incorporate unique body design, advanced insert geometries and technologically advanced coatings to create an exceptionally tough line-up. AHU tools are available in End Mill styles ranging from 25mm to 40mm (0.984" to 1.575") in diameter and Face Mill styles of 50mm to 100mm (2.0" to 4.0").

Ideal for shoulder milling, the AHU Series can also perform direct ramping and slotting operations. All tools feature coolant-thru the tool, improving both tool life and cutting performance.


1.New Type Breakers

Inserts join the ranks of tools for difficult-to-cut materials. Newly appear two kind of breakers
  • B7 type breaker

    Strongly-raked low-cutting-force breaker
    For cutting of stainless steel materials, machining of titanium alloys, and cutting of nickel-based alloys.

  • C7 type breaker

    Mildly-raked low-cutting-force breaker
    For machining of stainless steel materials and machining of nickel-based alloys.

Achieved low cutting force by larger axial rake angle.
  • Conventional Insert
  • New breaker B/C type

The cutting flute length is shortened to suppress chattering vibrations during slotting, etc.

2.Comparison of Cutting Force

Comparison of Cutting Force

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