From now on, deep cutting is ...
Deeper!! From electrodischarge machining to direct machining
Faster!! To higher-efficient direct machining


1.Compound neck shape

The compound neck shape with results proven by the Epoch Deep Series is used. Breakage resistance is improved even for endmills with long below-neck lengths, so that stable deep machining can be performed.
Reliable compound neck shape

2.Oval effect

The flute cross-section is the oval shape with results proven by Epoch Turbo Mills.
It suppresses vibrations, particularly when machining corner areas, so that stable high-efficient cutting can be performed.
Reliable oval shape

3.High-rigidity flute shape

The corner R flute shape is the same chipping-resistant, high-rigidity flute type that is used the the Epoch Turbo Mills. Machining with high per-flute feed amounts is possible and increases machining efficiency.
High-rigidity flute shape makes high feed rates possible.

4.TH Coating

  • A newly developed nanocomposite coating material is able to withstand high cutting temperatures.
    Through the use of a new structure made up of nanocrystal material, a higher hardness of coating is achieved.
  • Enables high-quality machining with long life of hardened steel
    (45 to 65HRC), pre-hardened steel, etc.
Epoch Super Coating TH

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